Is your heart healthy enough to exercise? Stop guessing and start living with Cardiac Prehab.


About Us

A Team of Exercise Professionals led by a Board Certified Cardiologist

Our staff is trained to guide you through our preventative protocol designed by cardiologists.  We understand your concerns about risk and we want you to guide your prevention so you live a full, happy life.

First-Rate Experience

We care about you and we are dedicated to reducing your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Not only are we a professional group, but we care. We pride ourselves on knowing our clients by name, not an insurance ID number. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide world class customer care and easy access to preventative cardiac services for patients interested in living a full and active life. Our protocol and patient relations increase program adherence,  thus decreasing risk in patients whose goal is to avoid a cardiac event.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is cardiac prehab?

Cardiac Prehab is a program designed to prevent heart attacks and strokes in patients. 

How do I know if I am a good candidate for this program?

If you would like to reduce your risk of having a heart attack and stroke, you are a candidate. If you currently have a cardiologist we will need a simple release to exercise from them. We will cover your medical history while you are here to check for any other concerns.

Can I participate if I do not have a cardiologist?


What will I do in the program?

Our cardiac prehab program follows the insurance approved and widely accepted protocol for Cardiac Rehab so you will participate in 36 sessions where our professional team will guide you through exercise with a heart rate monitor, nutritional advice and guidance on stress management.

How will I know I’m safe when I exercise during this program?

You will wear have a professional staff member with you and a heart rate monitor when you exercise with us. Your stats will be reviewed by our medical team. If you are ever at risk our Board Certified Cardiologist is on call and nearby at all times. 

Can I participate even though my cardiologist isn’t associated with your facility?

Yes! Although we require a release from your cardiologist, and are more than happy to discuss our program with them, they do not need to give a referral or be associated with the program.

Do I need a referral or prescription for Prehab?

No, you do not!

Does insurance cover this program?

Unfortunately, the insurance companies do not provide funding for preventative care. We hope that one day they will invest in prevention rather than waiting for you to have a cardiac event but for now, this is self pay only,

Do you have Cardiac Rehab?

Not yet, but we will! Make sure you're on our email list for updates.

How will I know if I am safe to continue exercise after the program ends?

We will tell you! We are very hands on and you will have someone with you at every session. When you graduate from the program you will meet with your team and they will advise you on how to move forward.

What happens after the program ends?

After the program ends you will have the option to continue with an exercise program using any of our exercise professionals or you can follow a program of your own. We will help you apply what you learn moving forward so you’re not lost on your own!